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July 28, 2011

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FreeTaxUSA is Now Supporting All of the 42 Tax Returns for State Income

There are 42 states that mandate a state tax return. FreeTaxUSA now supports all of those states and they also support Montana, the District of Columbia and Vermont. People who live in a state that does not require them to file a tax return can file their Federal tax return on their website for free. Every year, new states have been added and this is the first time that all of the 42 states have been  carried on this website.

Unlike many other companies like H&R Block, TurboTax, or TaxAct, the fees for FreeTaxUSA have not changed. In fact, the fees that this company requires are some of the lowest in the tax industry. The state service also covers direct e-filing to the state’s department of revenue and state form preparation. FreeTaxUSA does not charge any extra fees and does not require that a person upgrade his or her software. When a customer looks at the price on their homepage, that is the price that he or she will be paying when he or she proceeds to check-out after completing a return.

And FreeTaxUSA knows that many people are limited on time so that is why they submit all of the information to the state tax return. This company completes the state tax return automatically and that helps reduce the errors that can occur when people do tax returns manually. In addition, many people have questions, so costumer support is free for everyone who uses the service.

Finally, FreeTaxUSA does not require that people download software or install anything. You can work on your laptop or desktop if  you choose. But online options are available to take  your tax information with you wherever you might be. Making filing taxes electronic as simple as possible.

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