Learning About Running Watch Features

July 29, 2011

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If you are thinking about buying a running watch, the first thing that you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the different features that are available now. The best running watches that are available in the market today are more than just timepieces, they have are as complicated and as powerful as miniaturized computers. From that you can get an idea of how much use you can find for a running watch. In order to help you out a little we have listed here some of the features that you ought to be looking for in a watch that you can use when running.

Heart Rate Monitor- In most cases the actual monitor is a strap that wraps around the chest. This strap has electrodes that measures the heart beat. The information that it gathers is then transmitted down to the watch itself which the displays it and stores the information. Some models have strapless heart monitors but I would suggest that you stick with the one with the strap.

GPS Capability- The best running watches of today are GPS enabled which would allow you to measure the distance, speed, and the kind of terrain that you have covered. This kind of feature can also be useful for those who are engaged in trail running so they can be sure that they are still on the right route.

Computer Hookup- If you are a serious runner, then this feature can really come in handy. You can connect your watch to a computer and download all the data that it has gathered there.

Large Display- Most runners would like to check their data while on the go. They do not want to stop and look at their watch, so a watch with a huge display would be the best thing for you.

These are some of the features that would come in handy to a serious runner. Read a GPS running watch review for more details.

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