Texas Small Business Marketing Basics

July 29, 2011

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In the United States today, as with other nations across the world, it can be difficult to remain viable in a world that tends to favor big business and corporate “big box” stores. This is especially true in America today, since the financial crisis of 2008 nearly decimated the real estate market, making it very hard for small businesses to keep their properties without going bankrupt in the process. However, for those small business owners that are still around, it will be necessary to renew their efforts on various marketing methods. For every business today, being visible and accessible on the internet is incredibly important!

Every day, consumers that are ready and willing to make purchases online will be performing search engine queries for products and services that they are interested in, logging into their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and checking their email inbox for the latest updates. If a small business owner wants to take their share of this new market, they will need to increase consumer awareness on the internet and make sure that their website is available in search engine results. Although many small business owners may consider performing this marketing work by themselves, it is much more efficient and cost effective to work with a Texas small business marketing firm.

By working with the professional marketing task force at a Texas small business marketing firm, small business owners can focus on developing new products, creating strategic partnerships with local businesses, and fulfilling their work orders while their business is being marketed to consumers across the world. One of the main internet marketing methods that the Texas small business marketing firm will most likely employ is called search engine optimization. With search engine optimization, or SEO, the small business owner will see more traffic being directed to their website through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

This means that whenever a consumer searches for a specific keyword phrase that pertains to the business owner’s industry, the consumer will see their website as one of the top results. This is extremely important for today’s small businesses, because according to the latest internet marketing research, over 60% of all web traffic is directed through search engines! However, in order to increase the Google rankings for any given website, the Texas small business marketing crew must perform a series of complicated tasks that will allow Google’s ranking algorithm to elevate this website’s position.

For instance, when a consumer performs a search for “organic pet products Utah,” Google will be able to pull up thousands and thousands of web results in less than a tenth of a second. This is because before the user performs this search, Google would have previously been crawling the internet with their various bot applications and indexing every site for different keywords. When one of Google’s bots comes across new page, the page will be evaluated according to the different keywords on its page. The more a keyword is mentioned through any given website, the more relevant it will be judged by Google.

However, the website must also have other websites on the internet that are linking back to it, which shows Google that the website has some popularity and authority in the online community. Once Google has crawled the website and evaluated it according to these criteria, it will index the information and move onto the next page. This is repeated over and over again every single day! This process ensures that Google provides internet users with the most up to date, relevant, and interesting information possible. Understanding this process also helps business owners across the world market their business successfully!

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