The Statement of Facts by Encino Injury Lawyers

July 29, 2011 – One of the most important parts of the memorials being submitted by Encino injury lawyers to the court whether local or international is the statement of facts. This part of the write-up contains all the facts surrounding the case and all the details of the events that have in some way contributed to the crime or the elements of the crime. This is a key aspect of the memorial since the judge will be basing your arguments on the facts of the case. When a lawyer writes his statement of facts, he should never ever add his own opinion to them. he should tell the truth about all the facts even the ones that are not so much positive for his client. There is nothing more important than honesty especially when it comes to lawyers. The statement of facts should never be too much or too less. The length of the statement of facts should be perfect as not to bore the reader but also to make sure that the reader does not have a sense that the statement of facts is lacking.

The client also needs to do his part to make sure that the lawyer presents a statement of facts that is true to the story of the case. This is one of the reasons why a person loses a case. A client will sometimes leave out very important things to the story and the one that will suffer first is the lawyer but in the end it all comes back to the client himself if he is not honest towards his lawyer. Encino personal injury lawyers need to be careful in making sure that their statement of facts are true to the events of the case. The importance of having this cannot be stressed enough as it could make or break the case. You can get a lawyer at 16000 Ventura Boulevard Suite 701, Encino, CA 91436.

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